I would like to take this time to welcome you to our new congregation as the first Minister at the Inland Church of Christ. We believe that Christ’s word has power to heal, power to save, power to mend a broken heart, power to restore, power to forgive and most of all the power to love. (Rom. 1:16, Luke 4:18-19, Heb. 4:12, John 3:16). We are a family church that believes in unity and love, (Eph. 4:3) and I will always stand on God’s word and preach the word with love and stay committed to the work as a servant of God, (2 Tim. 4:1-2) I will always have joy working in the Lord’s vineyard, because the Lord needs servants to work (Matt. 9:37-38).


Please look through our website and learn more About Us.  You will see more information about our new congregation on the About Us page, and you will learn what we believe on the What We Believe page.  We have a few ministries currently underway and are expanding more ministries often. We have posted some of our past worship services you can view, and subscribe to our Daily Devotional to receive a push notification each day.  If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please feel free to complete the Contact information form on our REACH OUT page.


I am excited to hear from you and excited to grow God’s kingdom in this local community.